Store Designer Services
Alteration Services

We offer full time "on site" repair and alteration services to our customers. Minimal alteration services can be done immediately, and depending on the adjustments, a nominal charge may be necessary. Another frequently used service with our full price jeans is to cut the length and restore the original cuff to the jean to retain it's vintage look. We also can provide customers with downsizing of our garments, from jackets to shirts to dresses. Our skilled seamstresses are capable of downsizing most garments to suit your taste. However, depending on the complexity of the job, services will be charged accordingly.
Design Services

With each season and with a constant turnover of new and different products, our staff are continually designing and creating alternative fashions for our customers. As you can see from our product lines, we have adapted many of our existing products to create new and different fashions and accessories.
Retro Design

In addition to creating new fashion ideas, we also enhance or embelish fashions to provide them with that special "one of a kind" look that our customers have come to appreciate. We have a number of these kinds of products in the store already, but we can take any product you may choose and design it according to your taste. Just ask our sales staff for assistance.


Items: Shirt Leather Jacket with Lining Jacket without Lining
Sleeve Width  $75  $120  $90  $75
Sleeve Length  $45  $120  $90  $45
Shirt Length  $45  $230  $180  $45
Body Width  $75  $230  $180  $75
Shoulder Width  $150  $420  $330  $150
Whole Garment  $270  $720  $570  $270
Items: Jeans and Pants
Cuff  $45
Cut Short  $30
Leg Width  $75
Repair Per Hole  $45
Items: Miscellaneous
Sew Label  $30